Vilas & Co. Inc. is an experienced organization who can provide you the market insight you need to help grow your business. We are committed to deliver to you the right products, at the right price, on time, within specification, and in the quantities you ordered.

We arrange transportation both across ocean and land. You can be assured that all customs requirements will be met and that all documentation is correct and in order. We also provide risk management programs and credit terms to qualified customers. In addition, we can provide advice on materials that are available when you are developing new products.


With over 100 years of experience working with turkey processors and suppliers, we are the perfect partner to help you grow your business with this versatile protein. If you are looking for whole birds for the holidays, raw materials to make hams, hot dogs, chorizo, or ideas for product development, you can’t find a better company to work with.


We work with suppliers throughout the United States to provide you with the cuts and raw materials you need. Whether you are looking for bone-in hams and bellies for further processing or loins and ribs for distribution, we have the contacts and experience to meet your need.


If you are a manufacturer needing to source chicken for further processing, we have the expertise, knowledge, and relationships to provide you with the right products to meet your product requirements. If you are looking for MSC, butterfly breast, trims and tenders we can help.