We are experts in sourcing turkey, pork, and chicken raw materials as well as further processed items. Our strong relationships with major US suppliers give us access to high quality and competitively priced products. Our knowledge and ability to speak fluent Spanish and English enables Vilas & Co Inc. to help you fill your product needs or resolve any issues.


The Perfect Protein!

With over 100 years of experience working with turkey processors and suppliers, we are the perfect partner to help you grow your business with this versatile protein.


The Other White Meat!

We work with suppliers throughout the United States to provide you with the pork cuts and raw materials you need for distribution or manufacturing sausage products.


The World's Favorite!

If you are a manufacturer needing to source chicken for further processing, we have the expertise, knowledge, and relationships to provide you with the right products.


Known Dependability!

An experienced organization who can provide you the market insight you need to grow your business. We deliver the right products, at the right price and on time.